Owners Advisory

1. Framework for Advice

  • Advising the client in all areas relevant to the project
  • The giving of advisory support while carrying out project-related representative obligations vis-à-vis users, financiers, investors, statutory authorities and the public
  • The giving of advisory support in project meetings at management and board level aimed at preparing, initiating and implementing decisions
  • The giving of advisory support in all negotiations which have project-related, contractually-binding consequences for the client / investor
  • Active advice during the tender process
  • Advice in the timely preparation, initiation and implementation of decisions, with particular regard to the contents of the project as well as quality, costs and timetable
  • The giving of advisory support in all necessary construction meetings
  • The giving of conflict management advice with the aim of aligning the varying interests of project participants with the project objectives
  • The giving of advisory support during the approval process for completed buildings
  • Drawing up and continuous updating of a project handbook

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