Product Concept

1. Product Concept

  • Analysis of already available data (especially location and market analyses carried out by others)
  • Development of possible use scenarios taking into account the client requirements
  • Compilation and description of the advantages and disadvantages of various uses and prognoses of the effects of alternatives (SWOT analysis)
  • Drawing up of a preliminary use concept
  • Analysis of the requirements of potential users
  • Development and presentation of user requirements in connection with the economic framework (see also item 2 from module 5)
  • Evaluation of potential for expansion
  • Analysis and presentation of possibilities for alternative or later uses
  • Determination of use-specific area, spatial and/or functional requirements
  • Determination of functional requirements on the project: spatial and functional programme
  • Fine-tuning of the use concept with the relevant statutory authorities and experts
  • Final version of the use concept

2. Estimate of Costs and Returns (“Calculation of Economic Viability”)

  • Estimate of the economic viability of the product concept
  • Calculation of a value for the property based on this product concept
  • Continuous adaptation of these calculations in line with the latest state of development of the product concept
  • Calculation of various scenarios based on key factors (financial, technical, legal, time-related) which affect this economic viability
  • Final presentation of the potential return and profitability of the overall project on the basis of the final product concept

Output: Product concept (use concept & calculation of economic viability)
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding the product concept (real estate concept)

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