Due Diligence

1. Coordination of Legal Due Diligence

The review is carried out by a renowned law firm. Redserve attaches the legal due diligence report to the final report and integrates the results of the legal review into the final report.

2. Coordination of Tax-related Due Diligence

The review is carried out by renowned tax advisors and auditors. Redserve attaches the tax-related due diligence report to the final report and integrates the results of the tax-related review into the final report.

3. Coordination and Carrying Out of Technical Due Diligence

3.1 Compilation and Review of the Documents

  • Applicable construction law
  • Existing documents: architecture
  • External surfaces of the building and energy certificate
  • Existing documents: structural engineering
  • Existing documents: mechanical and electrical engineering, service runs etc
  • Existing documents: building physics
  • Existing documents: fire protection
  • Existing documents: security systems
  • Existing documents: maintenance
  • Environmentally related subjects
  • Calculations of operating costs
  • Documentation of the documents

3.2 Evaluation of Construction and Planning Law

  • Review of zoning and development provisions
  • Evaluation of the basic construction and planning law situation (documents from the statutory authorities and building regulations) and surface relationships (green/paved/built upon)
  • Protected technical areas (gas, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Protected areas (flooding, areas of ecological protection, etc.)
  • Protected areas (historic buildings)
  • Review and evaluation of all relevant plans and documents

3.3 Evaluation of the Property and the Condition of the Building

  • Visit to the property, individual buildings and internal spaces
  • Photographic documentation of the property, individual buildings and notable factors
  • Photographic documentation of defects
  • Description of the condition of all individual buildings
  • Evaluation of the individual buildings
  • Topography
  • Documentation of environmental influences (sources of noise, etc.)
  • Listing of axial dimensions, depths and heights of rooms, programme of use of rooms
  • Listing of gross built areas
  • Listing of lettable areas in line with the norms of the Country
  • Description of internal circulations / connections (stairs, lifts, shafts)
  • Additional facilities (cafeteria, corporate kitchen, seminar room, server room, garage, etc.)

3.4 Evaluation of the Construction and the Ground Conditions

  • Evaluation of any existing ground conditions report
  • Evaluation of the foundation measures
  • Description of the structural load-bearing construction, materials used and constructional condition
  • Groundwater
  • Danger of flooding
  • Geological dangers
  • Contamination or old ordnance (coordination of the environmental due diligence)
  • Analysis of the contamination report and public contamination register

3.5 Evaluation of the Architecture

  • External areas, external lighting,
  • Inclinations and drainage
  • Sources of noise
  • Description of the constructional method
  • Analysis of the building physics documentation (thermal and sound protection)
  • Comparison of the execution with current laws, norms and guidelines and the technical state-of-the-art
  • Internal circulation
  • Construction for the disabled (ramps, stairs, office areas, lifts ...)

3.6 Infrastructure – Transport

  • Investigation of previous designs / current projects
  • Internal circulation (traffic, flow of persons)

3.7 Infrastructure – Media

  • Investigation of previous designs
  • Overground and underground service runs
  • Investigation of connections and capacities

3.8 External Surfaces of the Buildings

  • Description of the construction, materials used and constructional condition
  • Roof construction (roof-mounted structures)
  • Façades (windows and doors, balconies, bays etc.)

3.9 Mechanical and Electrical Services

  • Description of individual items of plant, materials used, year of construction and technical condition
  • Ventilation (technical design, performance information)
  • Heating (type of heat production and distribution, energy source, installed performance)
  • Air conditioning (type of cooling production, energy source, installed performance)
  • Sanitary facilities (list of water supply and waste water equipment, performance information)
  • Electrical (description of individual items of plant such as transformers, main and secondary distributors, electrical network, type of lighting)
  • Lifts and escalators (detailed description of the equipment with performance information, year of construction and technical condition)
  • Internal lighting
  • External lighting
  • Waste management system

3.10 Fire Protection

  • Review and evaluation of the safety equipment including escape stairs, constructional fire protection, safety lighting, extinguishing equipment, fire alarm, smoke extraction and checking of maintenance contracts

3.11 Security Systems

  • Description of the individual items of equipment, year of construction and technical condition
  • Alarm equipment and access control
  • Video monitoring
  • Barriers
  • Intercom

3.12 Maintenance and Repairs

  • Identification of defects and of necessary measures with financial evaluation
  • Immediate measures
  • Longer-term investments

3.13 Investigation regarding Environmental Situation and Environmental Law

  • Review of removal of waste, waste water and exhaust gases, cleaning of waste water and exhaust gases (approvals and site visit)
  • Chemicals on the property or in the buildings (chemicals which are currently used or stored (type and quantity, statutory approvals, restrictions etc.))
  • Information about the earlier use, processing, storage of chemicals, radioactive materials (use, type, statutory approvals, restrictions)
  • Gas or fuel tanks on the property (use, material stored, type of storage, tanks (dimensions, material, type of construction, age, condition, statutory approvals, restrictions etc.))
  • Definition of refurbishment measures including calculation of costs
  • Statutory approvals and restrictions related to laws of natural protection
  • Statutory environmental protection requirements which are threatened or to be expected and foreseeable resulting costs
  • Information about emissions

3.14 Evaluation of Operating and Overhead Costs of the Existing Objects

  • Analysis of maintenance and repair measures

4. Economical/Technical Evaluation of the Property

4.1 Development Potential

  • Presentation of the flexibility/potential for expansion of the current buildings
  • Presentation of all potential ways of using the buildings (residential, industrial, offices, hotel etc.)
  • Maximum development potential (area, number of storeys, dimensions, parking spaces)
  • Public and private legal conditions and restrictions (distance to neighbours, streets, minimum number of parking places, access roads, environmental protection, natural protection, historic building protection, protection of existing buildings, protected zones, prohibited uses, existing trees, civil protection, particular conditions or restrictions due to the surroundings (motorway, flight protection zone)
  • Relevant regulations of the trading standards authorities
  • All applicable documents are to be attached as appendices to the relevant section and checked that they are complete and up-to-date.

4.2 Investigation/Estimation of Costs (Key Data)

  • Construction costs of refurbishment measures where necessary
  • Rental income
  • Operational and overhead costs
  • Calculation of returns

The technical due diligence (including the necessary measures and cost estimates) is to be presented in the form of a comparable grid. The separate legal, tax-related and technical due diligence reports are to be brought together in a final overall report as the basis for a client decision.

Output: Final due diligence documentation
Milestone: Handover of the final due diligence documentation

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