Project development on the grounds of Linz Textil AG / EEA - Reutte

The project development on the site of a former textile factory is based on the basic idea of a new district with national significance and sustainable development with following key content to create:

Living, retirement homes, work, school center and hotel

This concept is rounded off by local supply and local kindergarten and through courses and through access set a sustainable momentum in the new district of Reutte.

The redesigned site will be a pleasant leisure living and working environment for the inhabitants in the future.

The project area is characterized by its central yet natural location right on the River Lech (nature reserve / Natura 2000) within Reutte. This very special situation offers a very special opportunity for development both for the community Reutte and the environment.

'Project development on the grounds of Linz Textil AG / EEA - Reutte'

Neighborhood Development Reutte/Tyrol
Location: Reutte, Tyrol/Austria
Volume: about 15 hectares
Time frame: 2010 - 2020
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