Budget Hotel with a view of the Zahmer Kaiser

The Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden project is being realized on a site directly visible from the most important north-south transport axis. The complex includes a business park constructed using a number of timber-building techniques together with a hotel, a ‘world of pleasure’, offices, and commercial space. A prominent location with a sustainable architectural and use concept in one of the most sought-after regions between Munich and Innsbruck.

The building lining the motorway is positioned in such a way that the individual building elements offer views along their façades a while also permitting views through. The landscaping rises and falls, merging with the buildings. The highlight of the project, the hotel, provides the orientation within the complex.

The direct connection to the A93 and the imposing location are among the distinguishing features of the new “Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden” location.

Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden
Location: Kiefersfelden, Germany
Volume: 35,000 m² GFA
Time frame: 2015-2019
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