Uwe Schäfer

Uwe Schäfer has more than 25 years’ experience in the development of real estate projects and, in particular, of retail real estate, which he has acquired with such leading project developers as STEUCON (now Deutsche Immobilien Holding), BME (ECE + Deutsche Bahn), Mengler Die Stadtgestalter, Karstadt Immobilien, Hochtief Projektentwicklung and OFB Projektentwicklung.

His projects include large railway stations such as the Promenaden in Leipzig, Cologne and Hannover, shopping centers such as KOMM in Offenbach, Glacis Galerie in Neu Ulm and die Mercaden in Dorsten, urban districts at Frankfurt City West and das Carré in Darmstadt, the retail parks Inline in Friedberg and Emaillierwerk in Fulda and department stores including Karstadt in Leipzig and Wiesbaden (Forum) and LP6 in Darmstadt.